5 Things Top Trainers Never Leave Home Without

5 Things Top Trainers Never Leave Home Without

Irrespective of their field and industry, the majority of professionals swear by certain items,tools and gadgets. Fitness trainers are no different. Most of them have some favorite things that they like to carry around any time they’re working out or conducting a session with clients.

These could be anything from a particular wristband or heart rate monitor to a pair of super comfortable gym trousers, tights or running shoes. For many trainers, not having one of their essentials available during a session might turn into more than just an inconvenience. Some have even reported a lack of motivation in such situations.

Of course, motivation and consistency are crucial for the success of any fitness routine. This is why the very best trainers always ensure that they don’t leave home without their favorite workout gear and gadgets. Their gym bags are always well-stocked with these items.

Essential Fitness Accessories of Finest Trainers

There isn’t really a hard and fast rule to this. Different trainers have varying theories, workout routines and preferences for their sessions. Some similarities, however, do exist. The five items listed below have been deemed essential (more or less) by many of the top fitness gurus around. See if any of these ring true for you as well.

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is one of the best ways to gather real-time data during a workout. Other than tracking the heart rate, it counts the calories burned in a particular session, distance covered and a number of other stats. You can also set up weekly and monthly goals through it.

By combining technology and fitness, a heart rate monitor enables you to enjoy the perfect workout. It keeps you focused, motivated and on track every time you’re out to break a sweat!

Running Shoes

This seems like stating the obvious. However, the importance of having the right footwear for your workout routine cannot be overestimated. The wrong choice can have a significantly negative impact both on your personal sessions as well as lessons with the clients.

Among footwear brands, many trainers prefer Nike and Brooks. For instance, Emily Morano is a yoga instructor at the Chicago-based fitness center Studio Three. She uses Nike shoes for boot camp themed instructional sessions with her clients. However, during classes that involve more running, she switches to Brooks.

Similarly, Nike Metcons are the shoes of choice for James Cappola, a personal trainer in New York City. He utilizes them for lifting, cardio and other workout routines.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial for the successful execution of any fitness plan. This is why having a good quality water bottle is high on the list of essentials for the best trainers. If you’re looking for one, then we recommend the GRAYL stainless steel water bottle which is equipped with a press filter.

Municipal water supplies tend to contain various chemical pollutants, microbes and heavy metals. This can adversely impact the beneficial bacteria population in the gut. As a result, your kidneys and liver have to work extra hard to carry out detoxification.

So, if you regularly drink water from the source available at your gym and fitness center, then filtering it is important. And for that, you should have a high quality stainless steel water bottle with you at all times.

Foam Rollers

Before you start a workout session, foam rollers can help warm up your body nicely. And after the routine, they are great for soothing sore muscles which leads to faster recovery. In fact, foam rolling is a popular self-myofascial (SMR) technique that is known to decrease inflammation, relieve soreness and muscle tightness as well as enhance the motion range of your joints.

In a nutshell, using foam rollers is good for both warming up the body and cooling it down after a session of intense exercise. They are available in most gyms and fitness spas these days. But, we recommend keeping a pair at home too. You can essentially use them while relaxing in front of the television after a long day at work.

SadoTech Bells to Bring Your Trainees to ‘Attention’

Any workout session is likely to involve various kinds of transitions. You can use a SadoTech Bell to indicate these transitions to your clients during a routine. In this way, your class will know exactly what sound to listen for when there’s a transition due.

Many different SadoTech Bell models can be used for this purpose. They’re also relatively inexpensive. You can get a decent quality bell for around $25. Don’t forget to check them out!