Bench Press Safety Tips: Warm-up & Precautions

Bench Press Safety Tips: Warm-up & Precautions

Introduction to Bench Press

The bench press is one of the most basic barbell exercises in workout routines based on the concept of resistance or strength training. It is an upper body exercise which primarily targets your chest muscle called pectoralis major as well as your triceps. The secondary muscles that get involved in this process include your deltoids and your forearms. To some extent, it will also work your lats and biceps.

How to Do Bench Press?

•  Lie down on the bench with your back flat and the bar right above your eyes.
•  Keeping your hands shoulder width apart, grab the barbell with your thumbs curling around it.
•  Lift the bar from the rack and straighten your arms.
•  Bring the bar down to your mid-chest.
•  Do 10–15 repetitions.

    The Most Effective Bench Press Warm-up

    Pre Workout

    •  Do a whole body general warm-up for 10–15 minutes to increase core temperature.
    •  Spend only five minutes performing mobility drills such as static stretching or self-massaging.
    •  Perform dynamic stretching exercises for the upper body such as hanging from a bar or twisters.
    •  Activate your pectoralis by performing one to two sets of push-ups but don’t overdo them.
    •  Perform a warm-up set of bench press with just the bar or using very light weights.

      Post Workout

      •  Lower your heart rate by taking a five minute walk or perform some other light activity.
      •  Perform simple yoga stretches to calm down your nerves.
      •  Perform static stretching by using a self-massaging tool to loosen up the tightened muscles.
      •  Hydrate yourself with water or a protein shake.
      •  Take a bath.

        Bench Press Safety Precautions

        •  Always begin with a good warm-up as mentioned above.
        •  Try performing the bench press using a power rack which will prevent the bar from falling on your chest and is also more stable than ordinary benches.
        •  If a power rack is not available, take help from a ‘spotter’.
        •  Always use the weight which you can easily lift and make sure the safety locks on the barbell are in place.
        •  Use workout gloves to prevent your hands from slipping.

          Bench Press Common Mistakes to Avoid

          •  Do not grab the bar with a thumbless grip i.e. your thumb and finger should not be on the same side of the bar.
          •  As a rule of thumb, you should grab the bar at a width close to that of your shoulders.
          •  Stop your wrists from rolling back and forth to prevent wrist injury.
          •  Your elbows should not be tucked in more than 45 degrees from your shoulders.
          •  Synchronize your movement; avoid jerking the weights when you stretch your hands forward.

            Pre & Post Workout Recovery

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