Give Mom the Gift of Restful Sleep this Mother's Day

Give Mom the Gift of Restful Sleep this Mother's Day

Setting aside the possibility of a daily spa retreat (not that you don’t deserve it, moms), a massage gun might just be the next best gift for your mom this Mother’s Day. 

Contrary to some popularly held beliefs, massage guns and other types of percussive therapy are not just for athletes and trainers. In fact, the benefits of a massage gun are much more holistic. Massage guns are used to tend to personal wellness, self-care, and self-recovery, regardless of body type or training regimen. For the everyday user, massage guns relieve tension and stress that have built up throughout the day. This allows you to relax and prepare for a better night’s sleep. 

Even superheroes need sleep 

Restful sleep is important for everyone, including – and perhaps especially – for moms. After hours of working all day, volunteering, carpooling, running errands, socializing, and whatever other unknowns our beloved matriarchs always seem to get roped into, their muscles are likely in need of some relaxation. A massage gun can help reduce stress and tension, improve blood flow, and reduce anxiety – all of which can help your mom figure out how to sleep better, which will contribute to her overall wellbeing. 

And doesn’t your mom deserve a great night’s sleep? After all, you may recall that as a child you didn’t really give her much rest. You know, between the early morning soccer practices, the late night temper tantrums, the midday school meetings and parent-teacher conferences, and let’s not get started on holidays

Now is your time to give back the gift of restful sleep to your mom who – let’s face it – is still sleep deprived after all these years. 

For all moms, new and experienced 

Of course, a massage gun is a great gift for new moms as well. 

Co-parents, guardians, and partners, this is your opportunity to say “thank you” with a sleep gift that’s part sleep massage and part sleep recovery. For the new moms out there, how to get better sleep is one of life’s greatest mysteries. With a pain- and pressure-relieving massage gun, they’re well on their way to solving that tricky puzzle. 

When it comes to holiday gift ideas, your first thought might be flowers, a card, or a fancy dinner out, and those are all nice options. But if you want to go the extra mile, a massage gun is a great (and probably unexpected) gift that is easy to use and won’t disappoint. 

How to use a massage gun

Using a massage gun is as simple as identifying a muscle group or area of pain such as shoulders, back, or neck, then spending up to 2 minutes applying comfortable pressure to the area to break up knots and relieve tension. And when your body has less tension you’re better able to relax.

This also means that you’re more likely to get the quality sleep you need to feel rested and refreshed. 

A mom stretches after using Vybe Massage Gun to ease sore muscles.

Exploring the holistic benefits 

Do you know anyone who deserves to be celebrated with the gift of rest and relaxation this Mother’s Day? Here are some of reasons why a massage gun might just be the perfect gift for new and veteran moms alike: 

  • Reduce stress and tension 
Think of a massage gun as an on-call, personal massage therapist. Like a professional masseuse, massage guns can penetrate deep tissue to relieve tension, reduce stress, and eliminate soreness. Whether your mom carries her stress in her neck, shoulders, back, or another muscle group, she can use a massage gun to work out the knots and feel immediate relief.

  • Improve blood flow 
Massage guns work by using what’s called “percussive techniques” to send vibrations through the body to massage muscles and release tension. These percussive vibrations have the added benefit of improving blood flow and increasing circulation, which in turn can relieve tired muscles and keep soreness at bay. Percussion massage therapy may also increase the flow of white blood cells, which are vital to maintaining good health and overall wellbeing. 
    • Decrease pain
    One of the benefits of using a massage gun is the ability to target specific pain points including knots and muscles. Vybe Massage Guns even come with interchangeable massage heads that allow the user to adjust for pressure and precision. Massage guns can be used to decrease pain, reduce soreness, and boost recovery time. 
    • Lower anxiety 
    Researchers have studied the mind-body connection for years, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that using a massage gun can go beyond physical stress and help lower anxiety levels. According to research by the Mayo Clinic, a 60-minute massage can lower cortisol, a hormone activated by stress, by up to 30 percent and increase levels of serotonin by up to 28 percent. This means that a massage, either from a therapist or massage gun, can improve both physical and mental health by lowering anxiety, stress, and depression. 

    A relaxed body is a well-rested body 

    While there might not be a magic solution for better sleep, there is plenty of research around what impacts sleep quality. 

    An article from Harvard’s Women’s Health Watch based on a study of female sleepers points to some reasons why women especially may not be getting the sleep they want. Three major reasons? Pain, stress, and depression. In fact, 63% of women report experiencing some kind of stress-related insomnia at least once a week.  

    A mom sleeping peacefully.

    Fortunately, these issues and more can all be addressed and relieved by the use of a massage gun. With less pain and more relaxation, a restful night’s sleep becomes so much more possible. 

    It’s true: you can’t give mom back all the hours of sleep she lost raising you, but you can help her make up some of that time. And for the new moms in your life, you can help give them a head start to feeling well rested and ready to take on all the joys that motherhood has to offer. 

    This Mother’s Day, maybe it’s time to put aside the macaroni necklaces and painted rocks (but don’t worry, mom will still keep the ones you made in her bedside table) and give the mother figure in your life something they really need: a good night’s sleep.