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Give The Gift of Stress Relief: What Every Dad Deserves For Father’s Day (and Every Day!)

Father’s Day always occurs in June, and yet, every year you might find yourself wondering, “What the heck am I supposed to get Dad that he doesn’t already have?”

A Father’s Day gift shouldn’t be this hard but, as time goes on, the window of good gifts might start to feel like it’s closing up. How many years are you supposed to call it good with a Buffalo Wild Wings gift certificate slid into a greeting card? (No shade if you do that and Dad loves it! Don’t break what isn’t broken!)

If Dad deserves a little more TLC this year, read on to learn some Father’s Day holiday gift ideas you can extend to not only your dad but all of the men who are dads in your life.

What’s The One Thing Every Dad Already Has and Doesn’t Want or Need?

No, I’m not talking about a #1 dad koozie. Regardless of age, relationship status, or years of answering to Dad as if it’s their name from birth, one thing all fathers have in common is stress. Even (and especially!) expectant fathers who haven’t met their little one yet aren’t immune from stress. 

Not all stress is bad. In fact, stress is natural. It occurs in the most exciting and fulfilling parts of your life, like starting a new job, moving, or having a baby, as well as the most mundane, like work tasks and general family responsibilities. But not everyone handles stress in a way that’s healthy and effective. 

For instance, does your dad get worked up about bills, the neighbor’s tire marks across the patch of grass by your driveway, someone eating the last of the cookies, or God forbid, someone loses the remote? Or is he the kind of guy that bottles up his emotions until one day he explodes? 

Either choice isn’t exactly a great portrait of stress management, but that’s why a gift revolving around finding relief may be the perfect solution to your Dad Day shopping woes. 

Older stressed business man.

Physical Symptoms and Dangers of Stress

If you’re alive and breathing, then chances are, you have stress in your life. That’s a given. However, prolonged stress or poor stress management over time can adversely affect your health and even become dangerous. 

Some common physical symptoms related to stress include:

  • Rapid breathing rate
  • Muscle tension
  • Increased heart rate
  • Fluctuating mood and agitation
  • Teeth grinding

Sure, we all get that fluttering feeling in our gut before the first day of a new job or a heavy, gasping weight in our chest when the electricity bill is higher than we anticipated. The danger of stress creeps in when we feel these physical discomforts are constant, especially if we let them go unchecked.

Some dangers of enduring excessive stress over time include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Weak immune system
  • Heart attack
  • Weight gain
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Premature aging
  • Impotence
  • Increased likelihood of more fatal diseases like cancer, cirrhosis, and lung disease

Sounds like a pharmaceutical commercial’s laundry list of potential side effects, right? That’s why it’s so important to take a good look at how stress is handled in your life and adjust accordingly. 

4 Stress-Reducing Gift Suggestions

If dad has trouble managing stress himself, your thoughtful Father’s Day gift can help him avoid the danger zone and live a healthier life. Not only are we here to lessen Dad’s stress, but you’ll feel a lot more relaxed after reading these stress-busting holiday gift ideas to start your Father’s Day shopping: 

1. Exercise

Exercise gets the endorphins going and allows for stress release while also generally improving your health. Of course, you’ll want to meet dad where he’s at in his fitness journey so that he views your Father’s Day fitness gift as a treat, rather than a criticism – a.k.a. another stressor. More active dads might enjoy a certificate to sessions with a personal trainer or classes in a sport or activity, while a dad reintroducing exercise into his life might love a new pair of sneakers for walking around the neighborhood. 

2. Subscription to a stress-relieving app

Father’s Day shares a month with a lesser-known yet very important occasion: Men’s Mental Health Month. With over 6 million men dealing with depression and 1 in 5 facing mental health issues per year, Father’s Day is a great time to gift dad a practical, stress-relieving app that can conveniently help him manage stress and uplift his mood. 

A paid subscription to an app like Calm or Headspace gives dad a way to clear his mind and avoid stress burnout. Additionally, an app subscription can be used from virtually anywhere so he can duck into a quiet office during a stressful work day or use at home as he wishes.

3. Home items for a relaxation haven

Your gift doesn’t have to demand that Dad completes an activity to reap its stress relief benefits. Bring more relaxation into dad’s daily routine with gifts that can help transform his home into a stress-busting oasis. 

For instance, if Dad lacks restorative sleep, get him a weighted blanket. If he complains about the family’s racket after a long day of work and school, gift him noise-canceling headphones to take that stressor away. A hammock or other fun patio enhancer can get dad outside to take in much-needed vitamin D which is known to improve your anxiety and mood.  

4. At-home massager 

A spa treatment is a great idea for relaxation, but will dad actually go? If the answer is no, or if you want to give dad the gift of massage without going broke on services, try an at-home massager.

Not just for recovery, gifts promoting percussive therapy like a massage gun, back massager, or other devices let dad restore and relax while lifting the stress away. And he doesn’t have to leave the house, either! Check out this informative massage gun buyers guide to research which gun is right for you. 

Man sitting on couch using vybe massage gun

Healthy Benefits of a Massager

Percussive therapy benefits dad in ways beyond just feeling good. It can make a world of difference both physically and mentally. Massages have been found to promote a healthy body and mind in these ways:

  • Boosts energy 
  • Relaxes mood
  • Relieves tension (which, as we learned earlier, can be where the stress danger zone begins!)
  • Improves flexibility
  • Increases immunity
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Relaxes sore muscles
  • Breaks up knots

Different Massager Devices For Dad

Not sure where to start when choosing a massager? Think of where Dad would need the most relief physically and go from there. If he sits at a desk all day, he might want to target his neck, shoulders, and upper back. If he’s on his feet all day, he could benefit from a massager targeting the lower body. 

The features of each device also make a difference. We’ve compiled a list based on functions to look for and what’s out there to help you make the perfect choice for the dads in your life who need release. 

Handheld Massagers

A handheld massager is a great option for Dad since he gets to decide where and how to use it. These range from small massage balls that fit in the palm of your hand to massage guns. For a more comprehensive massager, the gun is the way to go. 

When choosing one for Dad, consider these features:

  • Massage heads: How many heads does it come with? Each head is designed to target a different area of the body so the more heads you get, the more versatile the device. 
  • Type of massager: You’ll see percussion and vibration massagers on the market. Percussion gives a deeper massage while vibration is very gentle. 
  • RPM & Speed: How many rotations per minute affect the intensity of the massage as much as speed. Look for massage guns with adjustable speeds so dad can pick what feels best each time. For a more intense massage, look for a larger RPM number (3400 is on the higher end).
  • Grip: How easy is it to hold and maneuver? Take notice of the shape and what the handle is made of (silicone has a soft grip while other materials might be harder) 
  • Portability: Is it cordless and what’s the battery life? A longer battery life is great for a forgetful dad when it comes to charging! 
  • Noise: Dad probably doesn’t want a massager that sounds like a jackhammer. Make sure the settings are quiet so it’s a peaceful experience. 

We recommend a device like the VYBE Pro Percussion Massage Gun. It has 8 different massage heads, 9 adjustable speeds, up to 3400 RPM, and 3 hours of battery life.

Targeted Massagers

There are plenty of different massagers out there geared toward different parts of the body where tension commonly builds, including back massagers to strap onto your own seat and full-blown massage chairs catering to the whole body. Once you pinpoint which targeted area you’re shopping for, the features mentioned above carry over to looking for a quality device. 

If the dad you’re thinking of spends a lot of time on his feet or could benefit from a massage targeted to the lower legs all the way down, we recommend the Shiatsu Foot and Calf Massager by Cloud Massage. This particular product also features a heat function for added relief while Dad gives his tired and aching feet a little extra love. 

While Father’s Day is a time to celebrate Dad, you’ll be the hero of the day by giving these stress relief gifts for men in your life who are fathers, not just your own! You’ll impact their day with a practical way to achieve relaxation and improve their health while you’re at it.