How To Care for Your Feet If You Have An All-day Standing Job

How To Care for Your Feet If You Have An All-day Standing Job

Standing strong on your feet is important, especially if you have a job that requires standing all day long or most of the time. Most of us ignore our feet and are relatively more concerned about the rest of our body, despite the fact that your feet have to tolerate your entire body weight. Prolonged standing can cause health issues like soreness of the feet, swelling, low back pain, varicose veins and such problems. If you have a standing all day job, you should be more concerned about your feet and provide them the care they need. Here are some steps, if followed regularly, these will help not only to soothe and comfort your feet, but also to heal them and keep them strong.


It is the easiest and most effective way to ease foot ache. Some simple yoga stretches can do wonders. Even while standing at work you can stretch your feet one by one, up and down, sideways and move them in a circle clockwise and anti-clockwise. This type of stretch will not only ease the pressure on your joints, but also keep your feet flexible. You can try different types of stretches for your feet, like touching your toes while standing or lying down.

Take a warm bath

Finish your tiring day with a warm bath, it not only relaxes your feet, but it will rejuvenate your whole body. Also you can soothe your feet by putting them in a tub with a mixture of hot water, salt and an essential oil. Keep your feet in the tub for around 15-20 minutes and pat dry them with a soft towel.

Cold therapy

Research proves that alternating between hot and cold therapy is way better than carrying out any single one of them. Take a cold ice pack and put your feet on it with your soles resting entirely on the ice pack.


Another way to comfort your feet and reduce the risk of injury is to get a nice stimulating massage twice a week, you can use a self-massaging device such as the cloud foot massager. It will not only improve blood circulation, but the heat therapy feature will provide comfort to your feet, relax your muscles and ensure muscle recovery.

Tennis Ball Therapy

It is a well-known fact that tennis ball therapy is an effective way to address aching feet.  You can also take a tennis ball to the office and keep rolling it under one foot after the other. Tennis balls help to stretch and lengthen the tangled nerves in your feet.

Invert Your Limbs

Another effective way to relax your feet is to invert your lower body. Lie with your back straight on the floor and lift your legs up against the wall. This will release the pressure off your feet and also increase the blood circulation down the legs and relieve pain.