How To Get Rid of Knots In Back, Neck And Shoulders?

How To Get Rid of Knots In Back, Neck And Shoulders?

Percussion massage guns are an excellent way for at-home therapy for all your muscle problems. One of the most common muscular conditions faced not only by athletes but even people who have sedentary life styles is knots in the back, neck and shoulders. Massagers are proven to be the best back massaging tools for knots, as they provide deep tissue massage that not only removes shoulder knots but also promote general muscle relaxation and improvement in health and functionality. From athletes to senior citizens, anyone can benefit from these massager tools and gain muscle health and strength.

What Are Muscle Knots?

While the feeling of muscle knots may be described just as the name says – something feeling like it is tied up into a hard painful knot under the skin – in medical terms, muscle knots are actually ‘myofascial trigger points’. Larger muscle knots look like bumps on the skin, while smaller knots may only feel like bumps to the touch. In either case, they are painful spots formed through fascial tissues (or layers of tissues) when these tissues are strained, overused or even exposed to trauma through an injury. Muscles around the wounded area would ‘bunch up’ to avoid the injured area from further injury and also inhibiting movement to provide relaxation to the irritated muscle.

Ways to Bringing Release to Muscles Knots

If you have ever experienced this painful phenomenon, then you must already be familiar on a few methods on how to relieve muscle knots as well. Since the areas in the human body most likely to develop knots are back, neck, shoulders, arms, calves and shins, the most effective treatments are also those that directly treat these areas. One of the most successful treatments for muscle knots is therapeutic massage. Other equally practical – but possibly more painful and less effective – treatments include dry needling, pulsed ultrasound, low level laser therapy, mechanical vibration, and spray and stretch cooling sprays. However, the most direct and highly beneficial treatment for knots remains to be therapeutic massages.

How to Use Massage Gun for Muscle Knots

Since it is neither easy nor affordable for everyone to continue to get regular professional massages, there is an excellent alternative – Vybe percussion massager. These are proven to be best percussion massager for athletes and especially effective percussion massager tools for knots. Like a traditional massage, these massagers reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, promote muscle recovery and relieve pain from swollen muscles or knots.

Now coming to how to use percussion massager, you can use it on yourself without even needing assistance from someone else, since they are designed to be easily hand held. For the back massage, while you can do that yourself too, but ask someone for help if you can for direct and better impact on the muscles.

Vybe percussion massagers

Choose the right attachment for the intended massage area, such as the ball, flat head, fork, bullet or other massage heads. The descriptions and usage of different heads is provided on the box of Vybe massagers. Choose the speed setting you would want, the level of pressure you need and then simply hold it towards the muscle like you would hold a glue gun to a piece of paper and allow the massager to exert pressure on your muscles, and let the  Vybe percussion gun do its magic.

Do not use the massage tools on the front of the neck or throat. It is also not advisable to use them for broken bones, healing stitched wounds or on varicosities.