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Navigating Fitness Goals Around the Holiday Season

Life during the holiday is enjoyable with VYBE. You can never have enough of it. This is why navigating fitness goals around the holiday season would be an ideal factor to consider. 

With many workout tools on the market today, you can invest in a percussion massage gun and know how to get motivated to work out during the holiday. Here are tips to help you achieve more from your fitness goals. 

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How to Get Motivated to Workout During the Holidays

Create a Workout Plan 

The holiday season is full of many activities that can get you distracted with your workout. This is why it is imperative to create a workout schedule to achieve your fitness goals. Develop short-term and long-term fitness goals to keep you on track. 

While you may get distracted some days, it is always best to focus on your goals, no matter how challenging the journey is. Therefore, make a simple workout chart that includes all the activities you plan to do daily. 

It should also show the time for each activity. You can set a workout reminder on your phone to keep track of the schedule

If you skip a workout, you can adjust it on your chart and determine how to compensate for the day. This will help you be more accountable for your time and the entire workout schedule. 

Find a Workout Buddy 

Having a workout buddy has so many benefits. When going through holiday stress but still want to stay active, it is best to get a workout buddy. 

You want someone who can support you through your fun physical activities and help you stay fit to get. This can dramatically boost your fitness motivation. 

So, identify a buddy who has the same fitness goals as you and walk the journey together. You will be surprised how you will enjoy the workout and stay fit through the holiday season. 

Learn to Wake Up Early

If you want to remain a VYBE pro and achieve your fitness goals during the holiday, be an early bird. Waking up earlier gives you a healthy mindset and helps you achieve your workout goals with ease. 

If you start the workout early, you will remain more energetic throughout the day and have more time to attend to your holiday activities. 

So what happens next? With a fresh and relaxed body and mind, you will go back home and relax well and have a good sleep. 

Be Creative With Your Workout 

Fitness can be enjoyable if you're creative. You can integrate fun workouts at home that will keep you going all day long. It is not always about doing the same exercises every day. Be creative and have some unique activities to spice up your workout. Here are several ways to spice it up. 

  • Involve your family in creating a family fitness program and participate together.
  • Get a full-body workout at home if you missed out on the usual gym workout. 
  • Walk at home, stretch your body, lift things, and do house chores.
  • Do a post-workout routine and other strength training exercises at home. 

If you have a busy day with other activities, you can double up your efforts when you get the time. However, instead of waiting to get the time, you can take extra laps within your home or in the shopping mall. 

If you have a family feast, consider taking a 15-minute workout at home after the feast. You can even do more until you sweat it out. 

How do you set fitness goals?

Be realistic when creating goals. Setting unrealistic goals will get you demotivated, and you may not achieve your goals after all. It would be best if you also worked within your limits. Know how far you can go and avoid overstretching.

How can I stay active over the holidays?

  • Stay focused and keep reviewing your workout schedule.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and pajamas to make you more flexible when exercising. 
  • Have a workout partner for accountability purposes and stay focused on achieving your workout goals. 
  • Have some soothing music as you work out to keep you motivated throughout different workout sessions. 

What to you do when you overeat?

The holiday season is a tempting time for feasting at home and parties. If you want to maintain the VYBE, you have to be careful with what you eat. If you do overeat, ensure your next meal is a balanced diet and satisfying. It is also best to take a walk around for about 15 minutes to stretch the body muscles. 

To avoid overeating, maintain a balanced diet. It is best to create a menu for each day. You should also avoid fats and other foods loaded with calories. If you have a cheat day, plan for a post-meal workout to shed off the extra calories.  

Another thing you should do is to drink enough water and stay hydrated. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water instead of sugary substances. You can learn more about how much water you really need to drink while working out, here.

Remember, this is not the time to exercise hard to make up for overeating. Take it slow until you catch up with your workout schedule again.

Is it okay to have a cheat day?

It depends on your current weight. If you've just started your workout and have excessive weight, it wouldn't be fine to have a cheat day. However, if you've lost weight after a workout, then you can have a cheat day, but be careful to avoid overeating. 

Muscle Recovery During the Holidays

What is a deep-tissue percussion massager?

A deep tissue percussion massager is a massage tool and a drill-like instrument that uses soft blows to relieve pain and fatigue. The muscles become more relaxed because the massage relieves tension, making the blood flow well in the affected area. 

Are massage guns good for knots in the back?

massage gun cannot remove muscle knots in the back. But it can increase blood flow, making the back feel better. It can reduce muscle tension and inflammation, thus breaking up knots in the long run. 

Stay Fit Throughout the Holiday Season

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Contributing Writer: Lisa Bushy