Post-Run Routine for You and Your Dog

Post-Run Routine for You and Your Dog

It doesn’t matter if you have had a dog in your home since you were a baby or you have just added a furry little friend to your family. In either case, especially when the weather is changing, there are lots of questions on how to care for our beloved pets, and how to manage their workout routine. Taking dogs out for a walk is a healthy and loveable activity, but dog owners need to be aware and prepared for the after-walk routine of their pets as well. Here is a quick and useful guide on how to best prepare and carry out the post-run routine for you and your dog.

Don’t skip on preparation

When you are thinking about taking your dog out of the house, it is not going to be as simple as putting a leash on them and putting on your walking shoes yourself. You will need to account for your surroundings – any dangers to your dog or anything that might make your dog become violent and dangerous to others, check with your vet on the health of your dog and also see about the weather etc. Furthermore, if your dog is only now just grown up enough for a walk, or you have just gotten a new dog, you will also have to train them to stay by your side. You will have to pace your speed and give your pooch some time to get used to the new routine. Such preparation beforehand will also come in handy for after-running time.

Staying hydrated is as important for dogs as it is for humans

You might already know to keep a water bottle handy if you are going for a run, but if you are new with a dog you also have to remember their water needs as well. Whether you take your dog for a run on your plain neighborhood streets or for a long hike, you have to keep enough water with you to keep both of you hydrated. There are reusable water bottles available in the market, which have detachable containers for your dogs. Invest in such a tool for both your sakes.

Check their paws mid- and post-run

This is especially important if the running track you chose was rural or rough. Make sure to stop on the way and check their paws for any debris or sticky bugs or bushes that they may have caught on while running. Check for any cuts or cracks as well that might be the result of running on rough surfaces. Do this as soon as you have returned from the run, because the longer such things stay stuck in their nails or skin the higher would be the danger for them to get injured or ill.

Brush them up for any ticks or insects

Just as it is important to prevent your dogs from direct injuries, it is also important to keep them free of any insects or ticks. Run your hands, or preferably a brush, through their fur and check the ears, underbelly and folds in the skin, as any small insects could be trapped in these areas. It is not just insects, but even grass seeds can cause them a lot of comfort if not removed early. Once you have checked them for any injuries and insects, wash their paws and dry them carefully taking a second careful look. If you want  cruelty-free and mild ingredients for your pups, look at ProPooch.

Adjust their nutrition

If your dogs are also working out with you, then chances are that they will also need some extra nutrition to make up for all that extra energy lost. There is no need to go through elaborate additions of proteins to their menu. Rather the best way to give them proper nutrition is just to keep an eye on them. If they are showing signs of weakness after the run, or are losing weight, then increase their food rations.