Potential Benefits of Drinking Coffee Before Exercise

The Internet is rife with foods that help you lose weight even without exercise. But from actual medical experts to anyone with common knowledge of how the human body works would tell you that the only way to lose weight effectively and permanently is to exercise and put those muscles to work. However, there are some foods that can enhance the impact of muscle movement and provide quicker results from the workout. One such delicious example is coffee. A cup of coffee on its own would not help your drop any pounds, but if it precedes an actual workout, it will word wonders. Here are five amazing benefits of drinking coffee before exercise.

Coffee improves your focus: Caffeine is known to work against drowsiness and sleepiness. By the same effect it is also known to improve attention, energy and focus at the same time. Coffee contains just the right amount of caffeine to get your mind to become alert to the movement in your muscles, the heat producing inside your body when you are working out, and then mindfully directing that focus and heat towards achieving your workout goals. A cup of coffee just before a workout will also give you just enough energy to keep you going through the most strenuous parts of the workout routine and that too without loading you up with calories.

Coffee boosts metabolism: Whether your workout goals involve losing weight, gaining muscle, or simply to tone your body and improve your health, the root process of all of these goals is to kick up metabolism. The simpler definition of this scientific term means the processes inside the human body to break down food to provide energy and to build up nutrients from that food into compounds that the human body requires – losing fat and gaining muscle, respectively. Having a cup of coffee before exercise has proven to burn 15 percent more calories, and it is not just a psychological process. The experiments were done with coffee and a placebo, and then the results were documenting lending credibility to coffee as a metabolic booster.

Coffee helps in reducing muscle pain and provides muscle fuel: This benefit of coffee is related to its ability to provide energy in general, but look at it in this way. Spending one extra hour at work will be the same amount of work irrespective of if you are tired or not, but if you are already tired this one more hour might end up giving you a headache or joint pains. Likewise, when coffee becomes your source of extra energy, it also makes your muscles sturdier and lets you workout more efficiently. When you are not lethargic, you not only workout more but your body is also able to absorb more stress.

Coffee improves blood circulation: While better blood flow is not only known to help burn fat faster, it also removes toxins faster and improves health in general. Drinking a cup of coffee before a workout means that you are not only improving your endurance for exercise, but you are also prepping your body to expel blood toxins, and waste from your blood vessels. At the very least, it will allow you to reach your fitness goals faster, and give you smoother and cleaner skin as an added advantage. Over longer periods of time, this may also translate into improved cardiovascular health and reduce chances of heart diseases significantly.

Coffee speeds up muscle recovery: If you already have flawless skin and your workout routine is merely a part of maintaining your health, even then you are going to get tired after workout. And the more persistently you put your muscles to work, the more capability to recover they will develop. Even in this best scenario, coffee is an excellent aide. Otherwise, if you are only starting to maintain a workout routine or trying to build up muscles, then it is all the more important that you also take the fuel for quicker recovery. This particular benefit of coffee is not only limited to having your coffee dose prior to your exercise. If you prefer to have your coffee after working out, even then it will help speed up your muscle recovery. The natural antioxidants in coffee will clear your post-workout inflammation. According to some studies, having a cup of coffee an hour or two before or after workout can reduce muscle pain by half.

With so many proven benefits of coffee as an addendum to your fitness routine, there is no reason to not have a beautiful Coffee Gator utensil resting up on your kitchen shelf to welcome you after a good night’s sleep and to be your friend in making your workout better, your health better, and ultimately your every day better!