Top 10 Essential Products You Need to Build an Indoor Gym

Top 10 Essential Products You Need to Build an Indoor Gym

Building an indoor gym requires a great deal of planning, dedication and attention to detail. Your efforts must all contribute to creating an environment that is conducive to your fitness goals. Firstly, you need to take into account the budget and space you have to work with. You will then have to get the gym equipment within those limitations. However, there are some products that you simply can’t do without in a gym. Let us have a look at the top 10 essential products you need to build an indoor gym.


Dumbbells are one of the simplest yet effective exercise equipment and they are a must-have in an indoor gym. They are inexpensive, versatile and durable. They come in sets of different weights and are coated in a vinyl material that makes them safe to handle and resistant against rust. You can use a lighter set of dumbbells if you’re doing shoulder and arm exercises or a heavier set in case you’re doing lower body exercises like lunges and squats.


Your indoor gym would not be complete without a sturdy barbell. Just like other free weights, barbells are a better investment than cable machines which cost thousands of dollars and only help in improving muscle size and endurance. Barbells, on the other hand, involve workouts which improve coordination and stabilization. Learning to move a barbell teaches your mind how to engage all your muscles together to move an object. It urges the human body to function as a complete system thereby enhancing overall body strength and athletic performance. 


Perhaps there is no other machine that holds a candle to the treadmill when it comes to versatility. You can walk, sprint, jog or even raise the incline to make it more effective. It is easy to use and provides a predictable aerobic workout which improves blood circulation and helps lower blood pressure. When choosing a treadmill for your indoor gym, select the one that has varying speeds, inclines and heart rate monitor. 

Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is another very versatile indoor gym equipment; it works both the upper body as well as the lower body. The machine has the ability to engage the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps and biceps. When your thigh moves backwards during the gliding motion, you’ll feel the hamstrings and glutes; when your leg moves forward, your quadriceps get worked. The machine offers a full body workout and is rather low-maintenance. Owing to its fewer moving parts and low-impact elliptical motion, it is less likely to require service. Besides, you don’t have to worry about motors, belts or rollers burning out. 

Exercise Bike

Another must-have product for indoor gyms is the stationary exercise bike. Cycling indoors ensures the weather is never a hindrance to your fitness goals. Besides its fat-burning and cardiovascular benefits, riding a stationary bike helps boost your muscle strength without putting too much strain on your joints. When choosing an exercise bike, look for features such as a comfortable seat, wide pedals and adjustable handlebars and resistance levels. 

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are among the simplest of products you need in your indoor gym but their advantages are multifold. They allow you to add more strength to the various exercises you perform and help improve your balance and coordination. You can hold it in your hands while performing lunges, squats and core exercises, use it as a projectile to develop and increase the power of your throws, perform push-ups on it to burn your abs and chest or even do abdominal exercises. Varying forms of exercise will help you unlock the overall capability of your body. Do not get a very hard ball though as it may hurt in exercises that involve throwing and catching. 

Exercise or Yoga Mat

An exercise mat is also an essential item for gym workouts. They serve multiple purposes including protecting the gym floor and your body. By creating a cushioned padding between the two, the mat guards sensitive body parts such as knees and wrists against the hard surfaces and heavy loads. Besides protection, they give you added comfort during exercises, particularly the ones which involve lying down. 

Training Bench

The training bench, also known as the fitness bench is a very important and versatile piece of indoor gym equipment. It can be used for a number of exercises and weight lifting routines. These include box squats, step-ups, triceps dip, leg towers and hammer bench press among others. The bench can be used in multiple ways to make an exercise more challenging or more manageable. It provides support when you are doing weight lifting and allows you to do your reps efficiently. 

Percussion Massage Gun

Percussion massage gun is one of the most increasingly popular gym items. It is a very effective tool for both warm-up and cooldown. Using it before workout will activate the muscles and increase blood circulation which will help you perform better thereby protecting you from injury. Post workout vibration therapy will facilitate your recovery process. By stimulating blood flow in the affected areas, the gun increases the oxygen supply to the sore muscles which help them relax and repair faster. 

Insect Trap

In order to make the most of your workout routines, it is important that the gym environment is clean and comfortable enough for you to focus on your routines. Nothing can be more irritable when you’re in the momentum and a random bug lands on your face or shoulder. To ensure there is no such distraction, an insect trap is a must in an indoor gym. It will attract and trap or kill those annoying bugs and provide you the perfect environment to work on your fitness goals


The above mentioned indoor gym products have countless benefits if used in the proper technique. By incorporating their use in your fitness regime, you can certainly make your workouts a lot more versatile, effective and fun.