Why Should You Buy a Massage Gun During a Pandemic

Why Should You Buy a Massage Gun During a Pandemic

The world came to a standstill when Covid-19 pandemic broke out. What we used to see in movies became reality. An environment of fear and uncertainty has been looming over all of us since then. Businesses have been seriously affected, some have been closed down, schools and colleges, parks and play places have become silent. None of us was ready for this and nobody ever thought about work-from-home or not being able to hang out with our friends in our favorite spots. All the measures that the world was compelled to take have also affected people with many psychological issues; in fact it is feared that the mental consequences of going through all of this will last for a long time. 

Unfortunately, many scientists believe that this pandemic may continue for a period of 4 years before people develop herd immunity. The vaccines which have been developed so far are being tested but nothing has been established about them so far with certainty. Human beings are a wonderful species, put them to test and they will come up with all sorts of ways to cope up with a challenge. Gyms were closed down as a result of this pandemic but people converted their living rooms or their rooftops and garages into gyms. Some resorted to body weight workouts while others have tried to set up entire gyms at home. Many things which were considered luxury or insignificant have turned into necessities. From gym equipment to tissue paper, the dynamics of many consumer products have changed entirely. What if we told you that keeping a massage gun at home during this pandemic is also necessary? Here’s why you should buy a massage gun during a pandemic. 

Relieves Muscle Pain

  •  During a pandemic it might not be a good idea to see a physician for issues that can be taken care of at home.
  •  If you suffer from a muscular condition, or if you have sprained your muscles during the pandemic, finding or visiting a doctor for this purpose may not be safe for you.
  • Physiotherapy treatment will also be out of question because you should be avoiding human contact in order to prevent the virus from spreading.
  • If you have a portable massage gun, you can take care of your muscular pain yourself.
  • A massage gun is simple to use and you can handle it yourself.
  •  It reduces muscle soreness and inflammation.
  • It helps in relieving muscle knots which form due to persistence exercise or sedentary lifestyle.
  • It helps in breaking up scar tissue and prevents myofascia. It also helps in myofascial release which otherwise would shorten your connecting tissues and can result in excruciating pain.

Optimizes Your Workout Routine

  • Whether you perform body weight exercises at home during the pandemic or you have set up a mini gym at home, regular exercise will make your muscles tense and fatigued.
  • Muscle soreness can seriously hinder your workout performance.
  • Muscle fatigue will make you feel lethargic.
  • Post workout recovery is extremely important for enhancing your workout performance.
  • Post workout recovery includes rebuilding of your muscles that break down during exercising.
  • Massage guns can be used for stimulating your muscles, reducing muscle soreness and speeding up post workout recovery.
  • Faster recovery means faster building up of bigger and stronger muscles.
  • Pre-workout percussion therapy would reduce the risk of injury during workout by loosening up tight muscles.
  • Their regular usage before and after workouts will improve blood circulation.

Relieves Stress and Tension Points in Your Body

  • Covid-19 breakout and the subsequent lockdowns are causing numerous psychological issues for people.
  • Not being able to go out and socialize with people is mentally disturbing for many of us.
  • Research has proven that this on-going series of lockdowns has caused people to become more aggressive.
  • These precautionary measures are resulting in anxiety and depression among the masses.
  • Getting a good massage and that too without risking Covid-19 can relieve stress and make you feel a lot better.
  • Percussion massage therapy can be soothing for all your body parts; a neck massage or a glutes massage will make you feel better in an instant.

 Increase Blood Flow After Long Sitting in Work from Home

  • One of the challenges this pandemic has brought with it is the increase in sedentary lifestyle. Even those among us who were outgoing, had jobs which required mobility and actively went to the gym have been locked up in their homes .
  • Work from home also requires sitting for long time periods while attending zoom meetings or writing reports, etc.
  • A sedentary lifestyle can result in weak muscles and weak muscles are more prone to injuries. Regular massage therapy such as percussion therapy delivered by massage guns will protect your muscles from becoming stiff.
  • Percussion therapy improves the blood circulation in your body which in turn increases the supply of oxygen to different parts of your body.
  • Percussion therapy aims at flushing out toxic fluids from your tissues into your blood circulation system.
  • Sitting on your buttocks for a long time during work from home will restrict blood supply to your glutes, lower back and legs.
  • You can use massage guns such as vybe pro wellness massage gun and booster massage gun to improve blood supply and prevent injury and muscular pain.

Advanced Vibrational Healing Process

  • Massage guns produce ‘percussion.’ In simple words, they work on the principle of healing your muscles and joints by employing vibrational energy.
  • Advanced vibrational therapy can be used for rehabilitation of injuries.
  • They utilize the frequency of mechanically produced vibrations to stimulate muscles and joints in order to reduce pain.
  • They are specially used for treating arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, muscular pain, osteoporosis and sports injuries.
  • They are also considered to be an effective therapy for mood alteration.
  • They can result in reduced anxiety and depression.