Benefits of Percussion Massage



Whether you’re training like a champ, recovering from an injury, or getting back to the gym after a long hiatus, it’s important to take care of your body. The human body is designed to heal and protect itself, but that doesn’t mean it can’t use a little help from time to time. A deep tissue percussion massage can help loosen tight muscles, reduce soreness, and relieve pressure points. While going through the motions of your day, whether it’s commuting to work, exercising, making dinner – or all of the above – your body is constantly making movements that cause a breakdown within your muscle fibers. This stimulates muscle growth and regrowth, which creates that aching soreness only a proper massage could alleviate.


Our VYBE massage guns are designed to deliver many of the same benefits you’d get from a professional massage service. You may be familiar with vibratory massage wands, but massage guns utilize a different action altogether. Rather than vibrating, the head of a massage gun moves quickly back and forth to deliver what is known as percussive therapy. This type of therapy offers many percussion massager benefits by stimulating muscle contraction to relieve tension and pressure points.


Massage gun therapy operates in concentrated areas with quick pressure bursts and short-duration pulses. Our massage guns feature a variety of rubberized attachment heads designed to work specific sections of your body. You also have the option of multiple speed settings, all depending on how much pressure your sore spots need. All of these features work hard to provide you with the following health and wellness benefits:



The targeting and reduction of knots in your muscles

Stimulate the release of stress-reducing dopamine and serotonin

Lengthen and strengthen muscles and tissues

Improve muscle recovery time


As is true with any form of therapy, proper technique is required to reap the greatest percussion massager benefits. Massage guns are by no means difficult to use, but there is a small learning curve to get the most out of them. Whatever massage gun you choose, be sure to read the instructions on how to use them effectively.



Massage Gun Therapy
Holistic Wellness Benefits


Mental and emotional strain, if not managed the right way, often causes you to feel debilitated physically. Percussive massage helps to relax your body by stimulating the release of stress-reducing dopamine and serotonin (chemicals often associated with feelings of happiness and relaxation). This leads to a reduction of tension and fluid deep in your muscles and increases circulation to allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscles. These percussion massager benefits work to relieve your body of physical and mental stress.


People who receive percussive massages are more alert, perform better, and are overall less stressed than those who do not. A massage gun helps improve muscle contraction, which results in the lengthening and strengthening of the muscles and tissues. It also stimulates your nerve receptors to improve joint flexibility and mobility, leading to an increased range of motion. To fully maximize your body’s potential for productivity, it is recommended to use a massage gun either right when you wake up in the morning or right before you go to bed.


By improving the circulation of both your blood and lymphatic system, massage gun therapy helps boost your immune system, improve your sleep, and reduce anxiety. Additionally, the powerful percussion massager benefits cause the release of lactic acid buildup in your muscles after intense exercise. It further improves your body’s recovery time by alleviating pain and constriction through the breaking up of scar tissue, as well as the awakening and healing of any atrophied muscles.

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