Frequently Asked Questions

Do massage guns help sore muscles?

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can cause muscle soreness for 24 – 72 hours after an intense workout. Studies show that massage guns can be effective in reducing DOMS. By using a VYBE massage gun on the muscles used in a workout, you can aid muscle recovery by reducing the amount of muscle soreness. 

What is percussive therapy?

Percussive massage accelerates the growth and repair of muscles by providing concentrated, rapid, short-duration pulses deep into the muscle tissues of the body. Improved blood flow to the targeted area as a result helps with muscle recovery, pain relief, and also increases range of motion. 

How often should you use a massage gun?

Some general guidelines on how often or how much to use the VYBE massage gun:

  • Pre workout - Muscle Activation - 30 Seconds

Prior to a workout or activity, use your VYBE on target muscles for up to 30 seconds to wake them up for action. 

  • Mid workout - Muscle Reactivation - 15 Seconds

If your muscles start to feel fatigue or spasm mid-workout, you can give them a little boost with another 15 second session on targeted muscles. 

  • Post Workout Recovery & Pain Relief - 2 Minutes 

Post workout or when DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) set in, the VYBE massage gun can be used safely for up to 2 minutes on each muscle group. This can be repeated throughout the day with 1-2 hour rest periods in between.

What are the benefits of a massage gun?

Many studies have proven that percussive therapy is extremely beneficial for various health conditions and for overall wellness. Some potential benefits of a massage gun include:

  • Decrease in back / muscular pain 
  • Restful sleep
  • Decreases stress and anxiety 
  • Improved muscle recovery after an intense workout 
  • Boosts to the immune system 
  • Increases energy level 
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increase in athletic performance 
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Increased blood circulation

Can I use a massage gun while pregnant?

*DISCLAIMER* If you are pregnant, always consult with your doctor before using a massage gun or any other therapeutic device.

Most women over the course of their pregnancy will develop some degree of muscular pain, most commonly in the lower back, and pelvic area. If used with caution, a massage gun can benefit these regions of the body and should be completely safe to use. Always start off with the lowest setting to assess how your body responds. 

Again, consult with your doctor anytime you experience pain before deciding to use a massage gun while pregnant.

Can a massage gun help lower back pain?

It’s important to first consult your doctor to determine the exact cause of your lower back pain. A common cause is tight, overworked muscles. If that’s the case, a massage gun can be an excellent therapy tool to help ease your lower back pain.

If the pain experienced in your lower back is acute, it’s recommended that you start on a lower setting to assess your pain tolerance and to not overdo it. To ensure you’re not exacerbating your lower back pain, allow plenty of time in between massage sessions. The VYBE Premium Percussion Gun is recommended as it specializes in deep tissue and can be adjusted on a wide variety of speeds

Can you use a massage gun for neck pain?

Poor posture, extended periods of sitting, and weak cervical muscles all contribute to neck pain. If used with caution, a VYBE massage gun can help alleviate neck pain. Always start with the lowest setting as to not accidentally exacerbate the neck pain. Be particularly careful around the base of the skull since that area has a high concentration of nerve endings. Use extreme caution when using the massage gun for neck pain. If the pain persists, consult with your doctor. The VYBE Flex is recommended as it’s one of the most versatile and also makes very low noise.

Where should you not use a massage gun?

Don’t use a massage gun: 

  • On bony areas
  • On musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains and strains
  • On bruises or open wounds 
  • If you have severe or unexplained pain
  • Without talking to your doctor if you have arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia or another musculoskeletal condition 

Can a massage gun help with muscle soreness from sitting at the computer all day?

A VYBE massage gun is an effective way to relieve the tension in the muscles that develops from sitting at a computer all day, typically from a desk job. It’s a great addition for any stress relief package for the person sitting at their desk all day and working from home.