VYBE X Percussion Massage Gun


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Tech Spec

VYBE X Percussion Massager is a massage gun that offers vibration therapy. This type of device is designed to provide rapid bursts of pressure into the body’s muscle tissue as its pressure point oscillates back and forth. Vybe X Percussion Massage Gun gives up to 3,000 strokes per minute and is perfect for athletes.

VYBE X Percussion Massage Gun Key Features

  • Highest Quality, Powerful, & Quiet: a deluxe massage tool with real percussion vibration - UP TO 3,000 strokes per minute.
  • Made for Athletes: Included are 7 massage heads to target specific muscle groups, including deep tissue. Endorsed by professional athletes!
  • Portable & Long Lasting: Our cordless electric massager has 5 hours of battery life and a compact size to take from your home to work, gym, or while traveling.
  • Limitless Applications: Perfect for breaking up the knots in muscles, muscle recovery after a workout, increasing your range of motion, and engaging muscle relaxation.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand by the VYBE X Massager one hundred percent! If you're not completely satisfied we will provide a replacement or full refund.
  • Treatment Quality:  VYBE X Massager is among the best percussion massagers for athletes and it is a perfect tool to enhance overall wellness. Through manipulating soft tissues of the body, this massager allows the user to reduce muscle tension. It also improves blood flow, lends more effectiveness to the workout routines, and evens out any stretching or pulling of muscles through sports or workout.
  • Active Models: The currently available active model comes in rectangular shape for easy hold and provides 5 different speed levels. The noise factor is minimal and percussion levels are deep and strong. In words of Soccer World Champion Brandi Chastain “It’s like having access to a professional masseuse”.
  • Intensity Levels: It weighs a little less than 6lbs for easy usage but has the ability to exert a pressure of 60lbs. for a percussion massage you can get over 30lbs of pressure with 16mm pressure head while for a surface level massage the 10mm massage head provides 20lbs of pressure.


How VYBE X Percussive therapy works

The right percussive massage gun would work wonders for you by reducing tension, increasing blood flow, breaking up coagulated blood in scar tissues, and speeding up the recovery of muscular ailments. A full-body massage session does not take more than 15 minutes, and you can have the unlimited benefits of deep tissue percussion massager therapy right at home, several times a day. For a regular healthy muscular therapy routine, use Vybe X Percussion Massager before your daily workout routine and instantly activate your muscles.

How to use VYBE X with attachments

This handheld percussion massager comes with 7 attachments, each suited for a specific body part to bring you the maximum effectiveness. The ‘large ball’ attachment is for muscle groups like arms and calves; the ‘XL ball’ is for large muscle groups such as back, butt, and full body massages; the ‘dampener’ is perfect for relaxing as well as muscle shaping; the ‘knot blaster’ shaped like a bullet is meant to clear knots in muscles, deep tissues, joints, palms and soles; the flat ‘knot buster’ is most effective on soft tissues and joints; the ‘IT-band blade’ is for deep massaging neck, waist, and back; and finally with fork shaped ‘wishbone’ you can work wonders on neck, spine, feet as well as Achilles tendons.

Benefits of VYBE X Percussion Therapy

Percussion massager benefits range from relaxing muscles to recovery of sore or injured soft tissues. This specific type is designer made for athletes, so the benefits of VYBE X massager also fall most effectively into sporty category. After spending hours training or in the gym, muscles get sore and need attention. Percussion therapy accelerates repair of muscles by reducing swelling and improving blood flow to the sore area. This massager also relaxes thickened tissues and breaks up knots that seem to linger long after a workout otherwise.


The VYBE X Percussion Massage Gun comes with a battery lasting five hours and a travel case so you can take your personal and affordable masseuse with you everywhere you go.


Tech Spec
SpecificationsVybe X
StrengthDeep Percussion & Strong Pressure
Noise Factor50 decibels e.g. faint rainfal
Percussion LevelDeep percussion, strong pressure
Speeds5 speeds
Weight5.8 lbs
Force60 lbs
Amplitude16 mm
No. of Heads7
Battery5 hrs
Travel Case ?Yes
VYBE X Percussion Massage Gun

VYBE X Percussion Massage Gun